Welcome to your Coalition

This network was inspired and built through a grass roots effort from appraisers seeking a vision to enhance and protect our industry. It is maintained through delegate appraisers who volunteer and contribute their time and efforts and is open to all who participate. Michigan is now recognized as the 22nd state to join The National Coalition Appraiser Network that is comprised of 27 states and growing. We are currently expanding to every Michigan county and will soon be acknowledged by all 42 state MLS systems. These networks exist to give appraisers a voice where other institutions have failed. We built it for you. And any input you have is well received. Ask your fellow appraiser to join. Come to a meeting. Start a local chapter. Look into our facebook page and join the conversations. It's time to take charge of our industry. And only active vetted Michigan licensed appraisers are permitted to join. This coalition was built by Michigan appraisers, for Michigan appraisers...   Join us. 

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